the photography product analogy | Klutch Photography | Surrey family photography

you would never go into winners, buy a basket that comes in two different colours and while at the cashier ask her to throw in the other colour basket for free because they're the same product, just in a different colour. that would be a "bit wrong and well kinda stupid" as the are separate products with separate prices. both baskets had to be made, processed and handled resulting in labor and time to make that product hence the separate price. if you wanted another colour basket from winners, you would have to pay for that product, as you should!

so remember that original photographs, different preset photographs and black & white photographs of the same image, is the same thing as different coloured baskets!  Just because you can't see or touch that product with your hands (the jpeg that is) doesn't make it any less valuable.

these different colours ways are our photography product options, OUR inventory, our stock! is all made with time, processing, labor and of course a edited with love and made in canada (that part my friends is free but the rest, needs to be payed for)!

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