i'm looking for a few super heros? yep, i'm in the mood to donate some cash!


this october, klutch Photography wants to donate some cash to help families with autism! autism now affects 1 in 88 children and 1 in 54 boys (March 2012 statistic)...crazy stat right, did you know it was that high, i sure didn't!

and here's how i'm going to do it ...for every new "like"  klutch photography's facebook page receives in the month of october,  i will donate $1.00 (up to $400) to HARMONY HOUSE!!   it's that simple.

how can you help spread this easy, feel good kind of giving?  well first off,  "like" my page (taa daa, you just donated a dollar to families with autism...well done!) and if you feel like being a super hero (and you know that everyone loves super hero's ...perhaps i'll call you  "captain awesome" or "super dollar donator"...the master of giving!! pretty catchy right!?).   well then, please share my harmony house facebook link on your timeline and tell your friends to get on the donating bandwagon!

psst...if you want to know more about HARMONY HOUSE  the amazing non profit charity, please visit their website http://harmonyhousebc.ca/  &  go like their facebook page too.

xoxo to you all for the support!