portugal part three: if i gave birth, i can handle this!

day two of our adventure through portugal and we headed out to sintra by train.  there's some pretty lovely castles that needed to be seen... so greg is in full runners with socks, it's 27 degrees outside and i see what appears to be a castle WAY up in the sky...

dina...."greg, that's not where we are going is it"?

greg..."where else would you think the castle would be, dina"?

we start walking, not just walking but climbing up a hill, not just climbing up hill but on cobble stone streets and paths, not just walking up cobble stones streets and paths but we climbed at least 8km up the hill....what, not a big deal?  oh normally i would agree but the problem lies on one small detail...the top of my foot is infected from a wound I got four days before leaving.  the "wound" is right a the bend par of the foot so guess what foot wear i have on...H&M $6.95, thin ass flip flops..why?...because it doesn't touch my VERY painful wound.  yes painful, ok i gage everything to birth...if it doen't feel like labor...it's manageable?  does anyone else do that..BTW?  fun fact (fun, not really but...) being in the heat of labor is equal to fracturing 20 bones at one time!


Ok... fine, if i can give birth, I can handle this.  i'm a tuff ass, this is nothing (right?).

ok so lets recap my day...

we did 15 km, up hill and down, on cobble stone streets, with flip flops, with an infected foot (which i'm taking meds for).  was it worth the soreness, YES!  The view was like no other...i earned that segras beer at the bottom (1 euro for a beer, what the what!..it's cheaper then a coke!).

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up we go!

half way up!