portugal part one: no one from vancouver, canada has a six hour layover in seattle, except for us!

so this whole lack of wanting to plan any part of "our trips" (it's really greg's trip, i just come along) is starting to not work in my favour.  our flight from bellingham left at 5am only to land in seattle (27 minutes later) for a six hour layover...wth, why?  oh right, you don't want to drive that far "back home" after the trip...FINE greg!  ok, ok... no complaining, you planned the whole thing, it's still six hours without any responsibility... right!  problem, i can't sit still and i don't sleep up right very well and seeing how greg has a seriously strange travel disorder which i shall name as "do all his shit at the very last minute, disorder" (he mowed the front lawn at 9:30 pm and shaved his head at well...12am, then finished packing at 1am), nope i can't make this shit up.  so guess how much sleep i got? yep, your right "bagel" (as my nephew would say). after a failed attempt and slumbering, i coast the hudson news stand for what feels like hours only to be reminded of people and things around me. here's what my left brain was thinking while i was killing time...

my girl kassie.

i should have shaved my legs last night!

my mom, who for sure has been praying and not sleeping since 3 am!

my dad, who more than likely needed to escape the praying and went fishing!

so grateful we live in canada.

amara's birthday party with the uninvited but really welcomed neighbours cats!

what my wonderful, kind, every so giving mother in law will be dealing with for 17 days.  THANK YOU again for allowing us to go away!! and good luck..eek!


how my poor little people looked when we left this morning!


me currently.

what i wanted to do to greg last night.

no words needed!