Journal Entry No. 12 | Klutch Photography |Vancouver Family photographer

Tough week for many, as the anniversary of Sophie's death was on the 7th and my oldest cracking her chin open on that same day. Not to mention our elf is back, that's a yard sale! 

So while dad's away this weekend I decided to surprise the girls with a "Little Miss flannel girls night"! Time for some lady bonding and surprises. 

Tonight the ladies will all be in un-matching but matching little miss tee's and flannels shirts, we shall journey to fresh street for a dinner of their picking (bonus for me)!  Later we shall paint nails and watch a xmas movie (chips, popcorn and pop permitted)!

I will be delivering the invitations after school in the truck...their outfits and mine provided by Value village!!  Got to love 6 pieces for under $20 dollars!

Btw, guess which little miss I am...Little Miss BAD. lol