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so lets start with my name, it's dina ferreira stoddard (long name right) and i'm Klutch Photography!  i started out as Bliss Designs (a business that incorporated photography and interior design services with a dear friend and school mate kassie doucet) then made a hard choice to focus solely on photography, which lead me to a huge re-branding this fall, resulting in Klutch Photography!  i have a new website, facebook page and as your reading a blog!  Bliss Designs (www.blissdesigns.ca) is still running strong if you are indeed interested in id services, bliss bowls or boxed bliss.

now, for those of you who don't know me ...crazy starts the list (ok, not quite accurate more like creative with an obscene amount of energy).  next is a MOM, best job ever (and hardest one i've ever signed up for).  then we move into photographer, interior designer, wife, friend, daughter, jack of all trades master of none (blah blah blah and the list could take up the whole post)!  but i guess the best way to describe me is i'm like an onion...lots of layers. but on a serious note, i love having a creative outlet (photography) that i can do while watching my girls grow up at my feet, it makes me feel very blessed most of the time....

yay, first post done, now time for bed!


visit me at: www.klutchphotography.com

or my facebook business page under : Klutch Photography