conversations with barbie...

amara asked me to play barbie and i gladly excepted the offer knowing full well that i would take this chance to teach some ethics and girl power while playing the role of hot blonde! i hit hard right out of the gate...

me in the role of barbie:

"umm, so i really like being in school and i can't wait to travel the world and not get married for a LONG time...till i have a super wicked job while being able to support myself.  in other words, i don't need a man to make it in this world!  oh and ken, if  you can't wait for me... then move on because their's MANY more guys out there for me to choose from...just saying"!

i look over at amara's mouth is wide open and her eye's as big as small dinner plates replies:


mommy enjoying the role of barbie:

" i'm barbie not your mom"


"mommy start talking like mommy, not like barbie"

mommy the award winning actor in the role of  "strong female" says:

"i'm not your mommy, i'm BARBIE"

amara starting to get frustrated says:

"ken is married to barbie and they have two kids over there"

mom is now BARBIE says:

" must be from the far and distant future because those are not my kids and ken is not my husband! over there is my sister who totally looks like me but with curly hair and a freaky prom dress on, now she was unwise and got married way to early and that's her kids!  i love to be free and i don't feel the need to be married till i've sown my wild oats.  those kids over there, those are my nieces and ken he is only my boyfriend and if he doesn't get a job soon barbietacular is out of here"!


"mommy i think i want to play by myself"

well, folks that was an epic FAIL!   BUT i remembered how much i enjoy acting!