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Salute, Chin Chin, raise a glass, or or how about a straightforward cheers! No matter which way you do it Happy National Gin Day! I day late, how did I miss this, it's a mystery!

✨Back in the day I was a vodka pusher, no hangovers, easy to mix then about 8 to 10 years ago I was introduced to a G&T.

It was like an Adopted child finding their birth parent, all the pieces in the puzzle just fit together...Gin was my mothers milk! 🍹🥃(it’s actually a clear liquid but there’s no emoji for that-boo!).

😏Something else you should know, Gin is medicinal! I almost feel embarrassed that I’m typing that because it seems a little bit far-fetched but it’s made up of the juniper berry which has very good healing qualities. So basically, no hangover!👊🙌

✨I don’t discriminate, I enjoy many brands, but for me 99.9% of the time my preference is☝🏼Hendricks, with Tanqueray coming in second✌🏼

First off, do you like Gin? Secondly, what’s your fav mixup? So, if you don’t like the best booze ever made, what’s your preference of hard bar?

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