tell the truth tuesday |Vancouver family photographer | Klutch Photographer

ok so who likes to mess with their kids...oh, oh I DO,I DO!!

 yesterday i had two very LARGE bowls filled with all my left over veggies, going on vaca means clear the shit out of the fridge!

(ok stop, those can't even be called "bowls" because they look more like plate troughs for adults... which sadly i use more then i should for pasta!  just turned my nose up and did an oink, oink sound at myself. i think fitbits, should come with an option for a shock treatment app for people who eat oversized portions, if i got zapped every meal i might stop using that bowl! dragons den here i come! cha ching$$) 

anyways...i told them they had to eat the whole thing before they got to do anything else, love their faces.  and yes i kept it going for a minute or two!





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