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i've always said that amara is our "lap dog".  Which is nice because we are never getting an animal!  i have three animals. 

human animals are plenty!

all mom's KNOW what i'm talking about. if you have kids, a husband and a dog you should get a metal or have a day named after you.

 {i get shivers just thinking about it.  seriously good for you. you ARE better then me, hands down...i can't do it.  the constant mess would leave me rocking in the corner sucking on an empty bottle of gin}.

so whenever possible, she (amara) climbs up on either my hubby's legs or mine (or pretty much anyone she likes) to nuzzle, cuddle and chit chat (and sometimes to annoy the shit out of us because she can!).  part of this is pure amara amazingness and part of it may be she thinks she's a dog or maybe she was one in a past life...or perhaps, since we are not getting a family pet, she would take the role on (way to be a team player amara!)  

whichever it is, i love every slobbery second of this maddening 6 year old's crazy antics!

enjoying the small things.



in this one she even looks like she's  got my legs as her own!

in this one she even looks like she's  got my legs as her own!

me and my golden creds ken (grandpa)

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