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have you ever volunteered to go on a field trip as a parent helper and then afterwards you think to yourself WTF have i done!?

welll, that was me!

 so i signed up for an hour+ bus ride into vancouver (there and back), to visit the vancouver aquarium with 40+ kids, probably going to be hot as hell, with potential for pukers, puking into ziplock bags.


man, i love my child to have signed up for this.

well if that's the case, i might as well document it (shocker) and make it funner (yes i know there is NO such word but dam it, i like using it, ask greg,lol).

here's my "short clips" video montage (with stills, of course). sorry for the camera shake, first time trying this crazy method out. 

btw, it was great trip, no pukers and amara only got 40 lines for NOT listening to me several times during our visit to the aquarium (shocker).



Song credits....

Mikey Wax "Counting on you" & Chad Van Herk "Day in Summer" 




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