The "Puddleman" a new Vancouver Christmas tradition! | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photography

here in vancouver it almost never snows and are poor children are continually deprived from creating of the oh so famous "snowman"!

on the other hand, we are blessed with inches upon inches of "liquid sunshine" (which needs to really be changed to "liquid depression") every winter (and spring and fall and sometimes in the summer to, were well hydrated here!). i personally haven't bothered blowdrying my hair for a week straight because really,  WHATS THE POINT!

to honour this rainy winter christmas season, i would like to present the "puddleman"!


 you can create him in any gravel parking lot, in all old communities that are in need of road paving and forest trails!  take advantage of this outdoor family craft as you can create this "puddleman" pretty much EVERYDAY and as their predicting, well past christmas too! 

happy holidays!