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june is a nightmare for parents, the commitments, the events. the finale to the  school year is nuts...we should get awarded tee shirts that state "i survived june" on the 24th. I swear more coffee and booze is consumed in this month then all others.

this weeks event...TRACK AND FIELD!

my babe (the oldest one) does track and on a whole, she's good at it, runs hard, committed and is selected for numerous races. this is the third and final track meet of the year. it's the big one and it's an all day affair.  the kids love it, as parents scramble to find ways to get there kids there and back while juggling their own work schedules to watch some of the events. both the hubby and i were able to watch a few of che's events, lucky us!


she ran hard, strong and clean races. her arms stayed tight to her body...usually she "chicken arms" (as scene in soccer games).  she did three long distance events in almost full sun all day and two others. there was not a thing she did wrong.


but she didn't place in any of her events. she didn't win a ribbon. this was not a "problem" for us as parents-she just wasn't as strong or as fast as the others. period. she is learning how to compete, win, lose or otherwise and that's what this is really about. learning. (ok yes winning f'n rocks but that's not going to happen every time!)


she kept asking, what event did i do best in....my response was ALL OF THEM. you nailed all of them. you were just not as strong as the other kids competing. i explained that everything she did was spot on - everything!  the others were older, or trained more or had more natural ability.  that's all.

The only thing you could have done was train more...or be in grade six (as that was who she was competing against grade 5's and 6's). every part of me is proud of her, i told her over and over.


che- "but i didn't win a ribbon"!

me- "you don't need a ribbon to prove you tried your best, we know you did! 



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