bye, bye 40, it's been good | Klutch Photography| Vancouver family Photographer

when i was 19 ...20+ years ago (sigh), i took many (and I do mean MANY) of the 90's version of the selfie  (which was a camera with film in it!) these never got posted because social media didn't exist (fuck, just typing this is making me feel like a relic, lol), sometimes the amount of clothing was questionable and so were the poses but yet something about that was all right. at 19 who gives a shit, your fit, hot and well ...young. remember, you were never going to grow old!

this year was my 40th.

ok, for real, my mind lives very comfortably in my 31st year of life maybe at times (like vegas) i like to live in my 28th year of life...ok that's not true, more like my 21st year! i'm most certainly not 40 in my mind. in fact, I often do the "holy shit i'm forty, how the F did that happen!?) internal conversation.   

but the reality is, my LIFE (not my MIND) has to live in the 40th year of my life  about 75% to 80% of the time...

so selfies don't happen all that often around here anymore, no time for it really!  but as my 41st is approaching (cough, cough tomorrow...BIG SIP of wine to calm me down, yep that feels better) i decided, on the fly to try to take some "modern" selfies as a bye, bye to my fortieth year!  at forty i feel good and fuck you know what, forty doesn't look to bad either...with all things considered!

to all you 40 year olds out there or soon to be or older. take a moment to make yourself feel like you did at whatever age that made you feel like a frick'n rockstar!

 document that shit. why? because i know at 70, i will look back, as will my girls and think...


i really did look OK in my 40's!   and so will you.


so my husband left for hockey on a sunday night, a had the self timer on in my kitchen headshot session set up for my "real head shot clients" in the morning! it's a high key style with a sharp edit. yep, my top is LOW, hair a shit show (rained out from soccer earlier that day), make up heavy and my expressions...well that's all real me (can't lie about that). 


this is 19 revisited at 40.  the best part, I REALLY DON'T GIVE A SHIT IN MY FORTIES, for all the right reasons this time!