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furry little liar! | Klutch Photography | Surrey family photographer

ok, time to be honest,  i'm not a fan of snow after the new year, not one bit...i know, i know, it's winter still but WE LIVE IN VANCOUVER!?  REALLY, aren't the tulips blooming already? i thought that groundhog was all like "spring is a coming early, dina wash all your snow stuff and pack that cumbersome crap up...winter is outta here".  you furry little liar! (oh man i'm regressing). focus dina....so in practicing "being grateful"  i decided to go for a photo walk and capture the snow in surrey and all it's beauty (along with it's freezing sideways wind causing snot to run down my face, my eye's to look like tammy fay's, my fingers to no longer have the sense of touch and a shovel full of snow that hitched a ride in my boots... rocks included!).  no really, it was blustering so much that i was blind shooting most of the time, no idea what i had captured...lol.  whatever, I'm grateful, right!?

Got home frozen, only to get a call that i was suppose to be at a birthday party with my oldest (it's a half hour away). shit. my mind was still living in Saturday not Sunday and in "Sunday" we had two birthday parties to attend (back to back). double shit.

So what was I really grateful for today... *for the phone call! *for the beast of an SUV that rocks it in the snow (sorry my granola friends, you can never make me trade it in). *for making both b day parties ...LATE but we made it! *for the AWESOME soccer dad who offered to pick up my daughter from the last b day party AND THEN took both of my children sledding with his own (give that man I klondike bar).

always something to be TRULY grateful for.