first off...HOLY CRAP, where did the school year go!!   secondly, HOLY CRAP,  two whole months to entertain them... it's going to be a long NINE weeks!  Any one else feel like drinking yet and it hasn't even started! personally, i think there should be a gradual "release" from school instead of this slamming the kids right back at you at the end of june...lol...dream the dream dina! so with the craziness about to begin here are some suggestions for entertaining your wild beasts over the summer...some i've done, some i will do and some other folks great links!

Here are a few of mine..

when you go to the grocery store, have the kids pick out a fruit they have never tried and give that sucker a go!

Play dress up in mom's closet...this one's comical!

have your kids camp out in your living room overnight (you don't even need a tent, use blanket/sheets over your dining room table!)

since we live in vancouver....puddle jumping!!

Splatter paint outside...EASY!

buy a board game you've never heard of (cheap from a thrift shop) and play it one afternoon!)

Dessert for dinner...also easy and easy for mom/dad who don't want to cook that night!

there's a few more i will be attemping this summer...

say  "yes" to every thing they request that day, the trick is don't let them know your doing it!    example..  Child :"can i have a playdate"  PARENT: "YES"!  see EASY RIGHT!

also a movie night on the trampoline!

here are a few links from some other great blogs on what to do with your kiddies...



may the force be with you all this summer...good luck parents and see you at the liquor store!