15 things that make disneyland and vegas feel like the same place | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

1)   let's begin with the "happiest place on earth", some would say... so is vegas!  sure… till 10 pm, then everyone is a hot freak'n mess, sun stroked, dehydrated, you want to strip off  those "walking shoes" and go barefoot but you know that some dumb ass  will step on your pinky toe so you opt out and suffer through it and lets not forget  your so unbelievably tired that you have a bad parenting moment (s)…like when you toldyour kids to stop behaving so spoiled & ungrateful ...and perhaps you said it (loudly), so then this would apply: "what happens in vegas/disney, stays in vegas/disney.


2)    there's shit you did there, that you will NEVER, EVER do again! (or perhaps till the next trip!?)


3)     bad, inappropriate clothing EVERYWHERE!


4)      you feel the need to dress like the natives, so you buy a shirt, hoody (or perhaps a pair of those mickey ears) looks good, feels good...till you get home.  NEVER  WORN AGAIN!


5)     you can get your picture taken with a people dressed up as "characters" on the "street".


6)     your hotel doesn't matter, it's for 6 hours of sleep (or less).


7)     long (sometimes really, really long) line ups, unless you have a fastpass (or a VIP/club pass in vegas) to get in, or on the fun stuff.


8a)   fountain show, check!


8)     people puking, yuk and check!


9)     most people are "not from here" and  you can't seem to ever walk in a straight line (so many people)


10)   your visa is on FIRE by day two.


11)   drinks are served in bad tourist cups that you HAD to buy but can't pack in your  luggage so you have to bring it with you on the plane….the kicker, it sits in your cupboard for years, untouched (unless it's the scull mugs from treasure island, then you will use those on the dock for happy hour in the summer…that's a for sure)


12)  line ups at the women's washrooms.  shocker.


13)  there's a "song" being played nonstop... EVERYWHERE!?


14)  after day three your fawking done!


 15)  you get home and within 24 hours you wish you were there again.