Savouring the crazy | Klutch photographer | Vancouver family Photographer

Why is May and June such an overscheduled shitshow in elementary schools? It literally feels like every single missed activity throughout the year is scheduled in the last 40 days of school! From the PAC sponsored events to the "need parent helpers" EVERY FRICKEN DAY, and the field trips, parents drivers required please, appreciate your teachers week, and let's not forget to keep your wallets open folks because you're not done yet buying goodies etc. for your kids!

Today was what some people might call "their personal nightmare", being a parent helper on a school bus, at the beach, all day long with grade 3's. I was volunteered by Amara (second time she's done this). That was so kind of her.  Of course, I said yes but I literally begged her not to have to go on the school bus. She refused to appease me, it was kid leverage at it's finest... "Do you love mom, then you should go on the bus"!

The sad part is when your daughter offers up to sit beside you but then goes "Actually mom, I want Cam to sit with Kayla and me".  Yep, grade school rejection all over again! 

The ride was rather uneventful (praise the Lord) and Centennial Beach was perfect, no rain, no wind! 

Now the irony is I'm there to watch over the children, just like the other amazing parent helpers and guess who loses track of their own child. Yep, that's me! Awkward. Parent. Moment. And no this wasn't a way for me to "not be selected" next year, it's just I know my kid well and this one's never really lost...find the goodies, you'll find her!

I actually did savour the whole crazy day.  All of it! 


My mini boss also requested (more like demand)that  I make a video like I did when I took her people to the aquarium!

Little People Life Unscripted Session below