So this is my next eight years!? | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

preteen world is a strangely wonderful and confusing place. foreign to me yet vaguely familiar if i squint my eyes and think back really hard i can remember when i too was overly dramatic (oh wait, that part has not ended for me) and the nothingness of everything was vastly important.

i was welcomed into the sleepover for just a moment to witness Che's first attempt curling hair...scary. i did remind them that burns from that medieval device would hurt but they were up for the challenge.


Che' - "Omg "L", I did it!! it curled...your hair is curly. You look so good curly!! I can't believe it and I didn't burn you"! (insert that voice, you know the one if you have a preteen)


L- "OMG Che', it's curly...I can't believe it'!


classic. this went on for a minimum of 7 minutes...this back and forth banter.  holy's like watching the 1980's valley girl series live. sadly, they don't even know their doing it! 

so this is my next eight years!? 







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