A Playland virgin no more | Klutch Photography |Vancouver family photographer

saturday's are prime photography shooting days but this saturday i had a shift in my schedule allowing my to have it off this weekend- that meant a family day! the hubby suggested PLAYLAND - i'm was in!!  i'm 41 (almost 42) and have never been there (oh the gasp and shock, i know right!) and after living in vancouver for more then 15 years i was due for my "cherry" to be popped.

kids were pumped, both of them came home early from their sleepovers to hit the road.  we were off. the car ride itself was like a roller coaster warm up as my husband drives like a fucking Italian race car driver causing all of us (at times) to have bouts of nausea and dizziness. once we parked i mentioned  "we can go home now, i've done all the rides i can handle...it's like playland before playland"!

he was not amused. ya, well try being your passenger greg!

playland was DEAD. it was awesome. there was almost no waits and all three of my children were beasts (my hubby is the third child by the way)!!  ride after ride.  fucking maniacs. i loved it because i got to stand back and document...everyone was happy!

now i did go on one ride, the wood roller coaster, i thought it would be OK.  After the ride was over che' summed it right up...

 "dad, mom was so embarrassing! she kept screaming bleep, bleep, bleep, bleeping hate you all, when is this bleeping ride over- the whole time"!!

it's save to say, i sounded like i had violent tourettes during that stupid, not strapped well in my opinion, sat in the very back, 50+ year old coaster. nope, no more coaster for me folks.