"What Not to Wear" -Photography Preset Version | Klutch Photography| Vancouver family photographer

Stacy London from "what not to wear" had the right idea. Stop it with the trends, and stick with classics that fit you well!

I get it tho; everybody loves a trend! Sadly over time, we tend to regret some, not all of the "trends" we opted in on. Personally, I vomit in my mouth a little when I look back at some of my fashion choices. I would have thought FOR SURE they would have lasted the test of time.

This is also how I feel about my photography preset choices I made back in the day with MANY of my images. And to add salt in the wound, Facebook keeps haunting me with all of my bad decisions! Every morning I grab my phone and see a popup... "Want to see your memories from seven years ago"? Duh, of course I do, it's like an unfortunate car accident, you have to look! And then the next five minutes are all about the feels, except it's this one… #regrets! I'm so mad at those presets choices I made back then more so than the time I ate a golf ball size of wasabi on a dare!

I feel so passionate after all these years, that if your images can tell a story or feel some emotion, all you have to do is add a simple "accessory"! Can you hear Stacy saying that!? No need for an entire wardrobe add-ons, with more accessories on top of accessories!

After ten years of photographing families, babies and all else in between, I've finally have grown into my photography shoes. I know what I like, and what I want now, and 30 years from now AND that is not a REHASH of a film preset in all of my images!

I only alter my images to pure black and white, no more of that sepia crap! My colour images get the same R E S P E C T (insert the song while you read it, its' way more fun! No seriously, try it again!) with minimal fake looking alterations. This folks, is what I like to call the "simple black dress" effect! When you walk into the room everyone is looking at you, not your outfit...same goes for the image! What's inside the image is speaking to you, not the " preset" you chose. The "black dress" will make your image stand the test of time. I think I'm going to change my name to Stacy Ferreira Stoddard London! Greg might like a "new wife"?! I can see it now..."Hey Stacy, what to go into the bedroom and see if these pants are fitting properly?". Yikes, I take that back! Seriously tho, why can't I have this much insight while I dress myself in the morning.

I know, your thinking "Dina or Stacy....(whomever you're calling your self now) cool your tits, it will last, you're overreacting"! I'm telling you truthfully, and from my heart, and from my own experience ...it won't! Save your selves the horror that I have to relive every day, stop the dramatic presets while you can!

Don't be another dated looking image statistic! Be the simple black dress.



Sepia with a green overlay.


Soft lines with a overall blue hue.


Orange Polaroid vibe





Vignetts and a strong green undertone…

Vignetts and a strong green undertone…

Dina’s Instagram feed….