A new type of prescription- Palm Springs? | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

i'm not sure where the last nine years went but i'm sure glad we've spent all of those nine years (during spring break that is) in palm springs.  i know what your thinking  "PALM SPRINGS? ahhh really!? isn't that place for old people drying out there arthritic joints for six months out of the year? that's where tennis was originated right? and some really popular jazz people hung out there I think"?


Ok sure, i get it. stereotypes (just like Surrey has been called cough, cough...many things but I have the best community, that you don't see because you don't live there!)


there's just something about that heat and the sun everyday!  just when you think you can't take anymore of vancouver's daily showers and you try to fight it by wearing inappropriate seasonal clothing, or maybe get those summer highlights early in hope of some persuasive weather change - nope.


Palm Springs reaches out and gives you a lifeline, it throws you a rope and says "hang on canucks, your glorious summer is on it's way".  


this place is for new and old, family's or just single folk. it's literally like having a shot glass size of summer that gets you all drunk with happiness, going on day trips, gets you hiking with snakes, strips your honky white body into a bathing suit, drinking beers pool side, shopping at ross dress for less...loving life so much again, that it can literally carry your sorry ass through those last view weeks of WTF weather we tend to get here in Vancouver. 


our doctors, should try prescribing this option for all those winter blues clients.  you know as an alternative to drugs for happiness.  and perhaps it might cost you less in the long run. just saying. 

If you have never been, give it a "shot" - I think you might like it. 



***thank you Barb and Ken for allowing our girls and us to dry out & build lifetime memories. you let us take over your space, your fridge and your holiday for a week (or so) every year - so very grateful!!***


here's a video recap of the trip, if you like snooping through other peoples personal memories! lol, just kidding, go ahead press play, your not a stocker! it's long so get a drink. 


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