Journal Entry No. 1 | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

i don't always pick up my kiddo's from their class's at school but this week being the first week back i've done the foot service pick up with a small treat...i know right, i'm tarnishing my "bad mom" title here (side note: go see that movie-it's priceless!).

man their getting so old now, che' (my 10 year old daughter) looks like a teen in this shot.  amara ( my 8 year old daughter) in this image is my calm through the storm...which pick up feels like this week (a storm)- all the grade 3's leave from one class (and there's four class's with over 20 kids per 80 kids out one door! yikes.)

i love that their calm and happy... thus far!  aaaannndnd that they don't get all "mom, your embarrasing me!" when i bring the camera to school and get in their grill.





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