You're eight today and I'm breaking | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photography

you're eight today.

not sure how that happen or why every year this birthday comes faster then the last.

you're my  youngest, my baby - my achilles heel.

 you're my reality, my wake up call to the upcoming middle age. 

you cuddle me hard still and still require my love (openly). your tricky and funny and that imagination makes me dream of the books i hope you will write when you become an adult.

i adore your crazy, as you have loads of it (as do i) and your so much older than most of your friends from your own life experiences which has made you sensitive and a heavy thinker. 

i feel that baby in you is fading away, like a distant childhood memory that i'm trying to recall but it's hazy. your face is becoming a girls and no longer a child's.

today dolly, is your day and will shall celebrate however you want. the love we have for you is unexplainable.

you're eight today and i'm breaking.