Just a day | klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

we aww and ohh at the far away caribbean beaches, we can't help it, their so warm and blue.

the classic - we want what we can't have, i suppose.

but when we really step back, what would the travelers from these far away places say about our green, tide stretched out wonders, we have in surrey and ladner. would they be awe struck with how alive it is or the warmth of the wading puddles.  would they comb our dusty sand lined shores for things to smuggle in their suitcases?

does the smell of salt and seaweed make them crave fish and chips and do those large evergreens and mountains make them wish they could see the rain that produced that lushness in the winter?

would they be scared when the tide roars in at an inch per second, which still makes me feel uneasy btw.

i think they would.


i think our beaches are just as devine & perfect in our own canadian way.  


we pulled a seven hour day here at crescent beach today, i photographed a part of it and as i did i savored it's greatness, it's aliveness and it's super natural self. i too, stole  some "treasurers" to place on a shelve at home and my girls have played, combed and created all day long.

we smell like fisherman. we feel as tired as toddlers.

 it was just a day, here in our paradise.