When did they allow baby goats into Coastal FC girls soccer!? | Klutch Photography| Vancouver family photographer

dad finally got his wish, he officially has soccer girls! as in both of them. in soccer. at the same time!

 at age 7 , she finally decided to "try" it! i think she liked it!?,  because she was doing her crazy self contained up and down dance (which resembles baby goats...you know when they get hyper and start jumping around in one spot. or a bad irish dancing ! you choose the video is below!)

they lost but played hard in pouring rain. i forgot how comical this age is to watch. rules, what rules...total shit show.  coach dad did well today too, his blood pressure stayed at a neutral  spot! bonus

i'm so proud of my little "kid", get it baby goat. lol. i know terrible right!



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