Smash Theatre Dress Rehearsal of The little Mermaid | Klutch Photography| Vancouver family Photographer

This year we decided to put the girls into Smash Theatre to let all of their DRAMA drain out of there overly dramatic selfs on Friday nights.

We've waiting all year for this moment when an entire gaggle of kids from different classes throughout the week get wrangled in by Sheila the magician (owner, and one kind & talented lady). 

She's the mastermind behind the show with some killer assistants to help make the charming classic of a play happen. I have the honour of capturing "Cast two" this year and while I was there on Tuesday, I thought a little video was in order to document this epic event for all these kiddos!


Btw-My two are  mermaid sisters!




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What does a family session look like?

My interview with Dana Goldstein of chic flicks | Klutch photography | Vancouver family Photographer

Thank you, Dana, for taking the time to interview me on your new Girl Crush feature on your blog! It was an honour!

Dana and I go way back to kindergarten days here in Surrey BC.  She's a true trailblazer in her business, funny as fuck, and a good solid person!  She's a video goddess that wants women (and men) to get in front of their businesses, be authentic, and showcase their offerings!

Check out  Dana Goldstein at chic flicks website, or here on her facebook page Chic flicks she does not disappoint!

For her entire Girl Crush post on myself and others click here. She asks me a few questions about real life random goddess and shockingly enough we don't talk shop!  My love for photography is obvious but learning about my first kiss, now that's juicy!

Here's my video interview with Dana of Chic Flicks...





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What does a Klutch Photography's newborn session look like? | Vancouver newborn photography | Klutch Photography

lets get real, a newborn is only tiny for a few weeks, that's it.

the window is so  small to capture their teeny tiny scale with their adorable scrunchy bodies...fresh out of the womb, milky look and all!

that first week is  full of love, exhaustion and wonderlust!  that "we created this!"  expressions and feelings that parents have, really needs to be properly photographed. it demands a place in your family's history of digital documentation. period.

your children will forever be grateful to see the love in you're eyes that first week they came to be "real" to you both.

you will never regret this investment, whether it's you're first,  second or fifth born.


the session...

the session i offer is relaxed and captured at your home within the first 5 to 10 days after birth, it's life unscripted and it's documented that way!  the session lasts about three hours and the end result is a true picture of your new family unit.

please contact me if your pregnant and want to book a session. if your a friend or family and want to buy the session for your loved ones, i can do that certificates are always  available.  

*grandparents are always free from session fees in all my family & newborn sessions. 




(want to see more from this life unscripted baby session, check out the gallery!)

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