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When you arrived 10 years ago I knew you were a "new soul", the world is for you to explore, to change and to tackle with your large Taurus "bull in a China shop personality".
You breathe excitement, value alone time and give zero shits about what people think when it comes to how you dress.
You lead people without realizing it. 
When you're ready you proceed, no sooner, no pier pressure changes that for you!
You have a special purpose in this life greater then you can see right now.
Your current challenges will be your greatest strengths, may you grow to appreciate your unique authentic self as much as we do.

Your heart and your sleeve are attached, your emotionally exposed all the time but it's the best part of you.

Cuddles is your commodity of trade and you 're my little spoon when I sneak into your bed to kiss you goodnight.

My giggles and my provoker of reactions (good and bad).

Your still all about stuffies, toys and blankies yet, you walk into a restaurant and arrange a table for four while we park.

Your words speak truths and intellect greater then your age reflects.
You’re our blessing. My littlest love, my FEELS and my final hurrah at motherhood.

You complete me and I'm so proud of who you are Amara.

Love you more than you will ever understand, Happy 10th Birthday my beautiful Amara!



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Journal Entry No. 38 | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

So if you weren't feeling old already, remember Alanis Morissette's Ironic? Well, it's got a modern facelift, and now I feel like a need a walker! Partly because a was running too hard today on the treadmill and, partly because hearing this makes me feel WAY OLDER then I feel I am! man shit has changed since we were "youthful and stupid"!





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Blanket Vampire | Klutch Photography | Vancouver Family photographer

Blanket Vampire; (blankeet Vanpierr)

A child or adult who does not feel well. They tend to hide under blankets while covering most of their face leaving only their eyes exposed. You can find blanket vampires predominantly located on a family sofa and very occasionally in their own beds.

Blanket Vampires are seasonal creatures known to surface primarily from September through April in colder wet climates, in the poor dietary season such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and Easter when sugar is a main source of nutrition.

It's strongly recommended to not disturb these creatures as their temperament can be unpredictable causing verbal anger or unreasonable requests. Also, know to moan cries of "why me".

If you have disturbed the Blanket Vampire mistakenly back away slowly, do not make direct eye contact and follow the requests they have made.


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