SURPRISE! (part one the journey)

it's been five years since "the mr." and i have gone away by ourselves (and by ourselves i mean no children for longer then a 48 hour period or a vegas conference!)…it was suppose to be cabo to celebrate a friends 35th birthday but plans changed and "the Mr." had to plot another adventure for us instead.  I've never been the trip organizer in our family, i just don't give a s*** as long as it's warm and i can drink!  so a week goes by and he enters  my office and announces "miami and a three day Bahama cruise" grumble, grumble and leaves, i "the mrs"  is pleased. I'm so uninvolved in the planning process that if we got parted on the way to the airport i would literally not know what airline i'm traveling on, when or where we are staying…lol.  it's kind of my sick special SURPRISE vacation, perhaps stupidly dangerous as well, whatever it always works out.

so with minimal guilt i leave my monkeys with the in laws (thank you B and K) i supplied them with a fridge full of chicken & veg, large bottle of advil and a grocery list of  "what the hell the girls are doing this week" we hit the road!  to be honest the girls were like see ya, with no tears or drama (not sure if thats a good or bad thing, no matter, i'm free at last).

rumour has it were traveling to seattle first in "the mr.'s" new ride (which i thought he was going to get a hot little two door, nope, freak'n same car in a newer model! really? why bother).  we make it with only an hour to spare if that and all goes smoothy in catching our "red eye" flight (BOO by the way but again when your not the planner, SURPRISE!). being small SUCKS because I go middle seat, here's the reality i feel bad for the dude beside me for two reasons first i sleep with my mouth wide open (pretty sight) and two i fart (enough said).

part two down, we hit Miami at 7 am which is 4am our time…check in is at 4 pm (SURPRISE).  breakfast it is.  we hit up the hotels restaurant and well i clearly have been watching to many "kitchen nightmares episodes" because this meal (which sort of sounded good at the time) was a disaster fit for Chef Ramsey fork pick a part and his commentary of disgust. i eat the eggs and few well thought through bites, breakfast is complete.

well, we have a day (7 hours) to kill  before we check in and we have our third child with us (my camera bag), my new mac book pro and "the mr.'s"  iPad to babysit.  pool side it is.  we slumber in the heat for hours, that lazy slobbered summer sleep that makes you feel hungover with out having a drink kind of sleep!  personally i enjoy having towel marks on my face and body, why you ask because it means i had NO CHILDREN to interrupt me (i wear them with pride around the pool to fetch a pinacolada)!  I'm not going to lie i spot a cute little muffin at 6 o'clock, i'm trying not to engage eye contact…dam it, to late.  my mind now wonders to how this little sausage reminds me of amara.  i have my mommy moment**sigh** and I'm back to my  inappropriate behaviour in a place where no body knows me. hooray!

i love people watching, thinking and trying to figure out where people are from, why they would get THAT tatoo of cookie monster on their hip and from a distance looks like a large birthmark.  my favourite poolside pastime is listening to other peoples conversations…BEST THING EVER.  who needs cable, seriously.  as a mom i so get this conversation i overheard "so guys, when moms on "vacation" (she is totally using this term loosely. we are never on real vacation with little kids) and you start to NOT listen, mommy starts to get mad, really mad..this is MY VACATION TOO".  lol, i'm pretty sure i've said that myself on vaca!

well 4pm has arrived, the suite rocks.  now the real fun begins...