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amara gets three days of birthday celebrations, not sure why this always happens in my house but the never ending "birthday hoorah's" is out of control sometimes!  my birthdays were a hour long, with my cousins... we had a pop and a piece of  woolco cake. done. oh did i mention i had to share my birthday party with my brother. we are born three days apart, man that licked donkey balls back then. yet, i still loved it!  oh, how the times have changed!

friday (her actual birthday) we sing to her, i talk about her birth night (you know the pain, suffering,ripping and blood etc. and in reality she should be fanning me, feeding me grapes and providing me back rubs every F'n day for bringing her into this amazing world). ok kidding about the the demands part that is, not the love & pain part. 

So her tears had finally stopped at around 7:30am they were caused by the fact that she didn't really want to turn seven because she wouldn't get any more six year old cuddles...totally logical thinking). i can't wait to see how she reacts when she's turning 40. 

she takes FOREVER to get changed in the morning (three shirt colours later) and takes a phone call from her nannie and grandpa on speaker of course...oh no that's not irritating.

next i made her (salty) pancakes (nope not a birthday tradition but a true fuck up that she didn't tell me about till the next day! what a doll! (and she fucking ate almost a whole one. lol) i allowed her to open one gift that i knew would ROCK HER world. fake glasses, now that thief will stop stealing mine. she was pleased. 

after school she picked out a cake at the IGA and we decorated it (lol, fake baker mom or what). I highly recommend doing this...she loved it because she could eat all the decorations as she decorated (shocker) and mommy didn't have to make dry cake for everyone.  only to be followed by her eating 4 (YES 4) sliders at the cactus club, one of her favourite places to eat.  she opened her gifts there and got to have some DQ after the burgers settled.  which was within 10 minutes after eating them. sigh

saturday was her friend BDay party, small & perfect. we are making the birthday shit low key now a days. then some harry potter at home with family!

followed by sunday gong show mothers day and  amara's family birthday party at my in-laws place. beyond the fact that i had hives from either the sun and the antibiotics or i was just allergic to the antibiotics, no matter, it meant no booze!  lets all say it together FUCK'n BOO!   it was loud, crazy and pretty much cousins being cousins hopped up on shit snacks and sugar. it's a kids cocktail for fun, right!  

Highlight of the night...the candle blowing! so epic, haden the three year old was like "hell yes, it's my birthday too"! (it was not but when your three any partaa, is your partaa)!

she loved it, all of it.

love you little muffin, happy seventh!