What I know for certain | Klutch Photography |Vancouver family photographer

i'm not supermom. some days i'm a HOT mess of a mom. i mean BAD mom's kind of behaviour.

 i suck at spelling (even with spell check). it's like the elephant on the blog really...lipstick on a pig? whatever, dyslexia will not stop my crazy from reaching the masses. lol or like 5 people.

 i now get how moms can move cars off their trapped children...offspring love is epic.  

children will be your greatest joy and your greatest frustration.

 living life unscripted is really worth trying (especially with your kids).  

i have earned every laugh line and  saying "what the hell" while furrowing your brow will cause a  number 11!  

 you become what you think of yourself and others for that matter.  

every year passes faster then the year before it.  

i have many regrets, many wishes and wants that will never come to be.  

i have a will stronger than most and in some areas it's far weaker then others.  

rain f'n sucks (lol..i know what your thinking "move then, you twit").  

marriage is hard.  marriage is powerful.  marriage teaches you about yourself.

pinterest is the devil i love.  

my mom is a bloody saint and i wish i knew this much sooner in life.  

strangers will surprise you and friends at times will disappoint you.  

I burp like a large trucker (TMI?).  

i shake it like a beyonce back up dancer when people aren't around.  

we all have fractures in our foundation (some people got those puttied up faster than others).

 speaking your thoughts is your choice, it's up to others to choose to be offended by your words (i've  been on both ends of this).  

being a child of a portuguese parent gives me the god given right to speak in my mothers accent as i choose (sorry mom).  

life isn't always fair BUT it's what you do after it that matters.  

being rich doesn't save you from death.  

having 10% animal cunning instincts will come in handy.  

the book baby wise works and people who have practise it are in a "special cult like group".  being a short female means; don't underestimate me, ever.  

children's imaginations ABSOLUTELY blow me away.  

our school systems are archaic!

 chips are tasty, very tasty.

i have a led foot in my husbands car.  i

think i'm younger than i am, WAY younger ( lol).

 i will never stop learning whether i want to or not.  

sunsets and sunrises are like dessert for my eye's.

 that there is something bigger then us out there.

finally... what i know for certain is that there may not be another day ahead and i will "try" to value each one that i'm allowed to have.