my little bull in a china shop | Klutch Photography | Surrey family photographer

from the moment you were born, shit got were never meant to be "normal", whatever normal means!?  you my dear are the greatest love and my largest frustration i have ever felt.  yet i wouldn't change one hair on that very large head that had to be vacuumed out of my vajayjay six years ago! oh my littlest love...

you are a taurus through and through,

you still drink your "bubba" in my bed every morning,

you are emotional, so dramatic and you love the way food tastes (so does your mom!),

you love to play by yourself yet you say hello to everyone you meet or have met,

you are so kind, loving and a natural leader,

you make a mess like nothing i have EVER seen before,

you are  S T U B B O R N (sigh),

you sing (beautifully),

you imagine wildly,

you thrash around when you sleep (because your brain never, ever stops),

you are intelligent, far beyond your years!

happy 6th birthday my little bull!

xox mum

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