memories "safe"ly kept....

i've never been much for "journaling", i could never be consistent! mind you i never thought my life was that exciting either!  but once i had my first child (che') i was motivated to document her birth and her first weeks of life.  now, knowing my past experiences in "documenting" i didn't think it would last! five and a half years later, i'm currently on che's **8th** journal and amara's **3rd**.  i've coined them "living journals" and they contain entries, drawings, pictures, handprints, lockets of hair, ticket stubs, sports day ribbons and much more!  who knew that these small bound bundles of paper could be such a potent depiction of my children's upbringing and something i cherish dearly!

i think the reason i'm so passionate about "the journals" is because my memory stinks!  i've had a few stories been brought up about "me" in the past doing something "outlandish" and i can't for the life of me remember doing it!?  now, it could be for my own safety (selective remembering that is) with having two girls i can "lie" with a clear conscience ("NO.. mommy never went in a bikini contest!"), because i don't really remember!  all i can say is the memory loss has compelled me to document my little people's life's for purely selfish reasons...ME!

to be perfectly honest they are my most valued possessions outside of  greg and the girls (and of course my other family and friends too!).  if my house were to go up in smoke (knock on wood) the drill would go something like this:

wake up greg

get the kids out of the house

go back and wake up greg again

grab journals (and hard drive…duh)

try to wake greg up again (way more aggressively)

get out of the house (with greg! as you may have guessed greg's a sound sleeper.)

so, out of fear that i wouldn't have time to grab them (the journals), i purchased a SAFE!  now, most people would put their stolen jewels, important documents, false identifications, incriminating evidence and cash in it!

BUT my SAFE is full of priceless MEMORIES that can never be replaced…