how blessed are they | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

i had one amazing vavo' (grandma) when i was growing up.  sadly my other grandparents past before i got a chance to meet them. this spring break got me thinking how unbelievably lucky my kids and (us) are to have both sets of grandparents alive and well (knock on wood), not only are they alive and well but they actually want to play, share and (sadly) spoil my children (yay for them, boo for me) when they are near them. this spring break they spent almost the whole trip visiting both sets!

i often hear from people how on earth can you spend so much time with your in-laws or my own family for that matter.  well personally, i think my real reason is (just like why i raised my kids from home) i don't want to have ANY regrets!  i want my kids to know who their grandparents are and just how much they loved them.  period.

you know what, family is not always easy, you don't always share the same views, opinions, vegitarian meal options, religious opinions (sorry mom)OR your kids behave like assholes (from all the late nights and sugar overloads)while their around them.  but here's the thing, we are lucky, we are blessed and there may not be a "next" time as this crazy year has proved to me.  so i will share my time, my space and my life to make that happen whenever possible.

cheers to family. we put the FUN in disfunction (lol), kidding, it's all pretty normal, i just couldn't help adding it!








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