hum me a little tune will ya | Klutch Photography | Victoria family photographer

have you ever watched the "long island medium", SHE IS AMAZING. the reason i bring her up is personally i don't think people really "leave" us completely when the crossover to the new chapter outside of their physical bodies.  i think they can still see and be near us (i know i just got creepy here, but a girl is entitled to her own opinion, right!?), i also feel that they can contact us through animals (yep, i just said that out so, i was on the island this weekend at my parents place and they have a humming bird that shows up in their backyard whenever anyone is outside.  the bird must have retired from the circus because it also does a singing flight show as it hovers right above you... it takes off, comes back and repeats the show.  it will do this "performance" four or five times in a row for anyone sitting on the outdoor furniture watching.  it's CRAZY.

the interesting part is that there's nothing for the bird to really flowers are in bloom, no feeder and yet the humming bird hangs out on the clothing line or the very top of the evergreen, almost all day long (if your outside).

my spiritual heart thinks, if  the long island medium came she would inform us that this is indeed a sign from a loved one (or so we wish).

whatever the reason, it's pretty amazing but then again so are my parents!






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