the art of hooky..

as some of you may have guessed i'm not an academic!  i'm an artist and being an artist i felt that SCHOOL was not all that interesting (at times). so in feeling this way i played hooky, i did my lions share of it!  am i proud of my lost days of education...well, looking back it was a bit excessive BUT  I turned out to be a high functioning person of society and i like to think i'm successful in my own way (so in other's in the past!).

BUT hooky is in my blood, the thought of playing hooky makes me giggle and it opens up the day to a wonderful, crazy adventure that i would normally NOT be doing!

so of course i WILL play HOOKY with my GIRLIES at least once a year!


can not be done on a "normal" day off

BUT not on important school days (i do have some form of standards people!)

hooky can last anywhere from 2 hours up to a full 8!

sneeking around is a must

tell a few people that might spread the word and join in

tell a few people who HATE the idea and frown upon it (that's my husband and his mother) it makes the excitement of doing it far more grand!

strategically plan the event in advance (or else you may decide to clean the house instead)

plan a back up plan

play. eat. drink. and BE MERRY! it's only done once a year so enjoy it!

hooky begins!

"don't eat spiders" was the first request!

a quick car ride!

lunch packed in awkward basket!

hooky at it's finest!