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what if  you were held accountable?  what if you could change the way you think? what if you could be inspired and see a vision outside of your current thoughts. what if anything was possible? what if.

today is the first day of "me" being accountable of my  {what if dreams} and the question that was asked at the "what if conference" (break out sessions)...what if money wasn't an option?

well lots of  crazy things popped up... like eat my way through a wine gum house and create a chippie that didn't make you 10 lb's heavier if i ate them... everyday (feeling shameful for that one)!  now i'm not totally selfish, there was a lot of thoughtful give back to the world ones as well...


what i REALLY want to do is travel the world, with my hubby (children included as much as possible) and capture the everyday goings on in all these amazing places and write about our adventures (sigh).

in order for things to become reality you must claim them, this is me claiming mine.  so my question to you is what's your "what if dream" and are you willing to claim it!

see heather and melissa, step one of three complete!  <-  these people right here, their my "what if conference" accountability police!

citation averted. dream declared!






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