some places never leave you...

the breakwater (ogden point) in victoria bc is one of those places for me. as i was going through some old and new pictures for another blog post i can across these images and it brought back so many fond memories of  fishing with my father when i was a little girl...oh the sea life i would find, the rocks i tossed, the fishing durby i won, eating my mom's masa (portuguese sweet bread) on the rocks and oh the people i would imagine i was!

who needed video games and tv when you had real life adventures to live!

if you haven't been yet, go check it out!



that's me winning my first fishing durby, i made the front page of the paper that day...what a thrill for an 11 year old!

and now it's come full circle...that's che' (my daughter) pretty much the same age i was when i first started going with my dad and holding a starfish she found.  the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.