ME: "mom, can you take a picture of che' and me please. it's all set up and ready to go just half press the button".


ME:  "let's see!  how did that one turned out?  well mom, that sucked! let's try this again, please and thank you"!


ME: "how's that one?  seriously!!????, it's all set up mom...try not to move the camera to the left so much"


ME:  "MOM!! are you joking, NOOO that one's NOT good either, were not in focus... again".


ME: "HOLY CRAP MOM, this one sucks too!"

ME:  "ummm... NO i don't think it looks good, were out of focus!  every single one is OUT OF FOCUS, the rocks look great...Oh now your playing the {i'm a senior} card...mom, you suck at this.  YES, i'll keep the shots, only to show how blind you've become.  omg, you think that picture looks good?, christ it's worse then i thought"!