Journal Entry No.18 | Klutch Photography | Vancouver family photographer

she started playing basketball this year. big thumbs up to that.

she's a soccer chick - big time, so this was a little learning curve using your hands and not your feet BUT she was getting it. might have something to do with those baby giraffe legs she has!

needless to say, the last game was a bit of a mess. she stepped back from defending. 

i thought that was odd!

i could tell she was mad.

the game ended with them losing and she was not a happy kid.

"mom that girl i was defending slapped me twice in the face"

i get it, it was a shock, it startled you. but she was playing hard and not trying to smack your face intentionally but she did. and she didn't get called for it

my response was clear and matter a fact...

"well, if she didn't get called for it, then you should have played harder! you play in her face. you don't back down. you don't let that player take your power away! stop being mad and get in there, use that anger and play harder"

this is the problem with raising "good little "proper" girls". they feel they can't because it's not nice, it's not what good girls do, it'a not how we raised them to behave!

to this i say fuck being a good girl, it's time to get these little ladies of mine to know the whens and wheres of playing HARD, being ARRESIVE when needed, ON and OFF the court!








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