our summer road trip?

our summer days at the cabin were long and lazy so to change it up we decided to go on a road trip! road trips back in my day usually involved 2 or more girls, some killers CDs, very inappropriate conversations and racking up the visa till they put a hold on it (thinking it was stolen)!

now my road trips consists of  a passing, speed devil husband, a mother in law, a collection of disney DVD's and numerous "i need to pee or i need to eat" conversations...oh the hard reality of maturing!  none the less, on word we headed to barkerville!  some folks said it would take about 6 hours (4.5 with a stoddard husband driving) from EBL and about 10 from home (surrey bc).

barkerville was quite a place, if you haven't been take the kids...we panned for gold (real gold), took a stage coach, hung out with some prospectors, walked with a man of the cloth while learning about some famous dead folk, had many tasty treats, ate at a greasy spoon and  stayed in wells bc in a "classic 80's motel"(it was clean enough, that's all i want to add), mailed ourselves post cards, went to school in the late 1800's  and the teacher had amara crying before the class even started, met the town drunk which coincidentally is also the towns lawyer,  went to court and  hung out with the "hanging judge",  killed mosquitos the size of a loonie WTH?, got to chat with the local archaeologist and see and touch all items he had found thus far into his dig, had a black smith make us a prairie diamond...... .

if you are in the thick of bc go check it out, its two days you will never forget!

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