where the wild things roam...

an itemized list of just some of the mishaps and adventures my wild things (the children that is) did this summer... *they bathed four times in one month (i shouldn't be laughing but i am, isn't the lake a very large bath tub anyways?)

*skinned their knees four + times (leg models, NOT in their future)

*schooled the adults in UNO

*fell off "things" two + times

*they learned the difference between jack daniels and honey jack daniels! (NOT PROUD)

*caught a snake (i have found my mother in law's achilles heel...insert evil laugh)

*made two forts (one with a NON permitted bathroom...nope, I will not give details nor do you want them!)

*got several pricks/gash's from prickle bushes and their cousins the thorn bush

*removed 40 slivers (and NO i'm not exaggerating!) from che's legs and bum

*they grew over a quarter inch in one month

*accosted their baby cousin over and over again (this was not their fault, this kid is so freakn' cute and edible that they could not be held responsible for their excessive squish's)

* they lived in either pajama's or a bathing suit for almost five weeks (when i said get some pants on, they asked what's  pants?)

*got some rad freckles

*learned show tunes, i mean really learned show tunes...they keep singing those freak'n show tunes, requesting i sing them every night show tunes!!  one guess on who taught them how to sing show tunes...she may get a pet snake for christmas?  i'm just joking nannie!

*toenail ripped off and one badly bruised

*two fingers burned (note to self, even if there isn't a fire going burning the pit, it's still hot in the morning!)

*were in a family tubing accident and lived to tell the tale

*went on a "real" hike (and complained the whole time, dang urban kids)

*caught trout with  hotdogs and processed cheese

*made a "singing club" with a sign in sheet

*stayed on the ski boat so long that they asked "are we sleeping here tonight?" (after day one they stopped asking...lol)

*played secret spy's and made a secret treasure map

*cried when their cabin friends left

*road trip to barkerville

*campfire with smores...way past bed time

*explored a river (both in it and down it)

*chapped their lips, times two

*10+ mosquito bites a piece!

*ate garbage from dawn till dusk

*almost no fighting, unless it was over sugar and the distribution of that sugar!

*walked, played with and kissed MANY dogs

*hunted fresh water muscles (i know you don't hunt them but it sounds far more dramatic when the child is telling the story)

*did an acrobatic show on a tire swing (with no safety net)

*first time knee boarding for both monkeys

*acquired a rats nest (in amara's hair) so big it required the threat of  "your going to get your head shaved if you don't let me brush your hair" to get in under control

*puked from sun stroke

*played all terrain bocci

*drove a ski boat and a sea doo, not a surprise that amara pinned the throttle, don't panic there was a adult with her! (i do use that tern loosely, adult kids perhaps?)

*road their bikes on the road

*investigated dead animals...YUK!

*caught two frogs, one lived, one died (the one frog was unable to handle all of amara's loven'...hence my above comment)

*had a sandcastle contest

*dressed up and went to an outdoor showing of grease on a neighbours cabin (thank god most of the content goes over their heads!)

*helped host a hoedown (not to be mistaken with a hoe that fell down...keep it clean people...a real hoedown with cowboy boots, hats and such!)

*swam so much that i thought they may grow gills

*got some beautiful natural summer highlights

well folks the bubble wrap WAS officially removed this summer (a smaller application has been applied now that we are back in the city)

REGARDLESS....can i get a hell yah for kids being kids!!