a four hour drive and abba...

ok i'll say it...i hate driving for longer than 45 minutes, so when i had to drive to the cabin by myself i wasn't to impressed!  so a good old dose of abba was in order to make it through this colossal four hour waste of my time. it's been a while since i sat and listened to abba. me and abba were tight back in the day when i was 19 and they were starting to replay "them" in the clubs.  i discovered someting about abba that i didn't realize, how useful the lyrics were in dayly practice!  as i was belting out each songs chorus and my children were insisting i needed to "rest my mouth" so they could here there DVD playing on their headsets...i decided I should start applying abba's wise song wisdom in my everyday language.

some examples would be;

greg, you are such a SUPER TROUPER to take the kids away for a week so i can rest!

why you are quite right, i was a DANCING QUEEN on that speaker in Vegas!

no really SAVE YOUR EMOTION, LAY YOUR LOVE ON ME said no woman ever!

MAMMA MIA, that's a big diamond ring you bought me for no reason other than i'm the best wife ever!

i was a very normal person, THE DAY BEFORE YOU CAME!


KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU means were tying one on tonight!

if you go see that stripper movie DON'T LOOK INTO HIS ANGEL EYE'S, ONE LOOK AND YOU'LL BE HYPNOTIZED!!

WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE, katie homes is a man eater!

gotta love abba!