one double eagle, two trucks and a big ocean....

meet tony, otherwise known as my pops and the other have of the "europeans".  he lives to be in or near the ocean LITERALLY, it's his happy place. it's his getaway from any and all stress and has been since we were little. so not surprising, i was raised near the water, every weekend rain or shine.  i'm drawn to the sea and with that every trip to my hometown (victoria bc) seams to bring my children and me to the beach, weird!  In the summer my dad looks forward to taking the offspring out on the double eagle for a good old fashion fishing GONG show!

four kids under the age of ten,  three adults (one of which is a germaphobic, paranoid of children getting injured's a hint, starts with the letter M and rimes with brother).

we all have our our "special" talents on the boat and here's the run down..

Ty :expert in catching soul fish (17 as a matter a fact on this day)!

Che': expert in being competitive (i caught a lot too, right mom)

Jaydee: expert in eating all day long (and i thought amara was a good eater!)

Amara: expert in the art of bossy, talking loud and being plain old crazy!

pops: expert in patience.  period. (oh and an expert in DOGFISH

mom: expert in disguises (she looked like she was hiding from the media) and what to do and not to do on land and on water...known to most as the fun police!

me:  expert in losing my s***, while still having a great time!

it was an amazing day out on my dad's little piece of heaven...sun, fish, laughter and bonding...i think, i caught him (my dad that is) wiping a tear from his eye!

mission accomplished.  love you dad.