worth the wait...

jen redlick was the winner of last years "random beauty" photography contest and this lady is a trooper!  she has been battling cancer this past year and we can safely say she's now a cancer survivor (can i get a hell ya!).  so folks this is why it's taken a year to arrange her shoot because to be perfectly frank i wanted jen to feel beautiful in her own skin.  so jen and i arranged a deal, when she was ready she would let me know...so may 2012 it is! the shoot was at white rock beach *jen's pick* which i love btw and it was PACKED...i believe it was one of the only hot days we had in may (boo right!).  jen is a freak'n character, i loved her energy, her beautiful, sarcastic self (which i can relate to) and most of all, that tuff ass sole.

jen you are wonderful. thank you.

BTW your "smizing" rocked!