Lets get this out of the way, I'm not tall...not even close.  12 year olds are taller!

I'm Portuguese, that explains the height thing.

I've been married for a decade!

I have two little ladies and they remind me everyday to slowdown and savour the moments (in between the crazy and the yelling and crazy and the yelling). 

Do not ask me any important questions till I've had a coffee, if you do...you may not like the answer!

I have the ability to stump spell check, enough said.

Strongbow, gin and wine...in that order.

I have a heathy addiction to hot peppers, thrift shops and chips (I love the chippies).

If you read my blog, I've been known to cuss.  Just a little bit, ok a little bit more than a little bit. But lets be clear, it's never while I'm on the job!

Not a fan of smoking, sneezing, people that have bad attitudes and loud mufflers.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cuddling with my girls.  It's the best feeling ever. 

I think all children's art should be framed, on walls, EVERYWHERE!

Bonus: I think sunsets and sunrises are dessert for the eyes. lol, I know so cheesy but it's true!